4 tips for selecting the best show

For Shakespeare, the question was “to be or not to be,” for women in the summer, it seems that the relevant question is “to suffer or not to suffer,” meaning women’s shoes, of course. In general, women are divided into two groups on this subject: The first group is concerned with the importance of appearance. The first feature of this group is, of course, the shoes, which usually match clothes, compliment the occasion and contribute to a chic performance. Other symptoms are less pleasant and include walking on constructions that are not likely to be comfortable or good for health, complaints about pain in the legs, painful walking, restricting the walking range for a few minutes and, of course, forced smile and saying, “This shoe does not look like that, Comfortable “in an attempt to convince oneself. The other group is comfortable, and you can see the companies walking around the city with fancy dresses and flip-flops, or orthopedic shoes that make them look a bit like a communist relic.

Most of the women move between groups, occasionally going to work or school with shoes that are a compromise between comfort and appearance (not painless, not too beautiful), occasionally suffering from discomfort to look more elegant and occasionally wearing comfortable shoes that makes them look at them with puzzled glances. In festive events, many women are transferred to a beauty group worth the suffering, creating plays at the end of a wedding. Dozens of women in their best mats take off their shoes and dance barefoot.

But it does not have to be so, beauty is not necessarily equivalent to suffering. Here are some tips to help you balance your look and comfort for the best ones:

1. Do not get into a shoe that is not exactly your size. In contrast to countries such as the United States, there are only full shoes in Israel, and there is no consideration for women whose true size is among the sizes. In addition, there is a reference only to the length of the leg and not to the width, although in practice there is a big difference between the foot width of women, so that two women with the same foot length will need different shoes altogether.

Fortunately, the size of the measurements is not uniform, so that the size of 40 in one store will actually be 39.5 and in another store this size may actually be 41. Do not despair, even if you did not find the right size in one store, keep looking, even if you wanted to buy a certain shoe. A shoe that is not your size can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, from warts and rubbing to long-term damage to the bones.

2. Walk around with the shoe in the shop. Do not be shy and do not make do with a short round, it will not help you to find problems that match only after a longer walk. Take a step back in the shop. Note whether the shoe allows you to move your feet freely or that your walking becomes stiff if you feel pressure on any part of the leg if the shoe is too heavy for you and more.

3. Is the climbing of a heel, platform or flat shoe? Some women feel comfortable in heels while others limp on heels, suffer and do not convey the look they want to achieve. On the other hand, some women feel comfortable on the platform, others feel that this shoe is too heavy for them or that their walk is rough. Remember the shoes you’ve walked with over time in the past – what style have you been physically comfortable and made you feel good about yourself in terms of appearance?

Although there is a consensus that Stilto looks feminine, this is not the only option. Even a delicate platform can fit into elegant clothes or dresses. Do not like being on the pitch at all? There are also many options in the area of ​​flat shoes – pointed toe, doll shoes, ballerina shoes or shoes with various extras such as laces, stones or interesting color combinations will create an elegant look even in a low shoe.

4. Consider the function of the shoe. If the shoe is meant to be used for office work or a pub, restaurant or concert and you do not intend to go with it much, heel size is less important. The main parameter in these cases should be matching the shoe to your feet, because many heel shoes are not suitable in width and tend to press the fingers, a pressure that is also noticeable when you sit. In these cases, a shoe that fits your size can do the job, and if you are expected to walk after work or recreation, you can take another shoe, which is comfortable for walking, and replace it at the end of the event. If you plan to walk, stand a lot or dance with your shoe and should look elegant at this time – do not get loose and look for a shoe that combines maximum comfort with a look. The search may be longer, but the use of this shoe will probably be less frequent than other shoes and the investment will pay off because they will last several seasons. If you can compromise elegance and do not work in strenuous physical work, look for a mid-range shoe – not femme fatale on stilto, but no shoe workers either. A small heel, a relatively low platform or a flat shoe will all be good options for both work and recreation.

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